Make room for the things you love.

We partner with local companies and non-profits to give your stuff a new life.

Your old jeans can become a rug and the harmful chemicals in your batteries stay out of our tap water.

If you’d like more details about our partners, please email us at!

Your four core categories

We will pick up stuff from four categories every pickup. In our research, we have found these to be a constant battle in most households with ever-changing regulations and rules about disposal.

Almost all the material in these items can be recycled or reused in a sustainable way.


Toxic chemicals leak out of batteries and into our ground water. It is critical to safely dispose of them once they have stopped working.

This category includes any household batteries!

Light bulbs

Light bulbs don’t belong in landfills. Many of them contain harmful chemicals. We work with local partners to take care of them for you.

This category also includes CFLs and other household light bulbs


Old clothing, linens, and shoes often end up in the trash even though nearly all of them can be reused or recycled into new things.

Plastic film

Thin plastics are everywhere—in Amazon packages, produce bags—and often end up in recycling facilities or in landfills. They don’t belong either place but can be recycled in other ways.

Your rotating fifth category

In every room, in every house, there is probably something you are ready to get rid of that still has value. This might be a board game, a can of latex paint, a pile of old electronics, or an old pan.

Every pickup, there is a special item that we take in addition to batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and threads.

Planning ahead? Here’s a list of many of the rotating categories we hope to feature in the next several months!

See rotating categories

Purposeful reuse

We also partner with local organizations that can reuse these specific items to help you delightfully declutter your home.

Kitchenware for

Refugee Women's Alliance

We volunteered at ReWA and learned the huge need for dishes, pots, pans, Tupperware and more!

We collected over two carloads to bring to their community center. In just 18 hours, every item had a new home.

Umbrellas for

Mary's Place

Mary’s Place is a shelter and solace for women and families in need; giving them a place to call home.

In the rainy days of March, we collected umbrellas for those who needed them most. We collected dozens of umbrellas from local households.

Eyeglasses for

NW Lions

We were inspired when a member came to us with ten pairs of her husband’s old eyeglasses.

We found Lion’s Club, an international group dedicated to providing for families at home and around the world. Our community provided over 350 pairs.

Sustainable Recycle

We partner with material-specific recyclers to handle items that can’t be recycled curbside but have an outsized impact on our household waste.

Latex paint *

Latex Paint no longer needs to be dried out and sent to landfills! The paint cans can be recycled too! Not rusting in the dump.


We can help you find recyclers that recover materials that can be reused while safely disposing of the rest.

Car seats *

Car seats are large and millions are sold each year. We can find partners to recycle them when available.

Wine Corks

Natural wine corks can be reused for all sorts of things like flooring, insulation, and decoration!

* May have an additional pickup or recycling fee. Email us for more information.

How we are solving Styrofoam

Styrofoam is the worst. It takes up a ton of room, makes an awful squeaky noise, and most often, it just ends up in the landfill despite the fact that it can be recycled.

Ridwell members can add-on Styrofoam pickup to any regularly scheduled pickup.