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Recyclable and reusable stuff, picked up from your doorstep.

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Ridwell collects stuff that can’t go in your curbside bin. That means categories can vary based on your location.

Get these categories picked up every two weeks.

Our core categories include everyday household items that you can't recycle curbside. Use your cloth Ridwell bags to keep things organized until your next pickup! The examples below are available in most locations.

Snacks in packaging made of multi-layer plastic lined up on a countertop, including ramen, a Kind bar, and potato chips
Multi-layer plastic
Food storage bags, pet food bags, frozen food bags, and more layered packaging.
Items made of plastic film on a countertop, including bubble wrap, an Amazon mailer, and a ziptop bag
Most popular
Plastic film
Shipping bags, plastic bags, overwrap, air pillows and other stretchy plastics!
A stack of sweatshirts, sweaters, and other clothing on a white background
Clothes, shoes, and textiles
Reusable and non-reusable clothes, shoes, linens and towels.
Close-up of a pile of different batteries
Household batteries
Alkaline, re-chargable, lithium-ion, and button.
Close-up of lightbulbs in a pile
Household lightbulbs
LED, CFL, and incandescents
A stack of fruit and vegetables in plastic clamshell containers on a white background
Plastic clamshell containers
#1 PET clear plastic clamshell containers

Choose a featured category every pickup.

We’ll opt you into the current featured category each pickup. We plan a calendar with recycling and reuse partners throughout the year. If the default featured category isn’t a good fit for you, swap it with one of the categories that are always available.

Available every pickup

Swap into one of these categories when it works for you

Rotating featured categories

Just a few of the options you're likely to see throughout the year

Clean out larger categories, on demand every pickup.

We offer additional categories that you can add-on to any regularly scheduled pickup. Add-on offers are available depending on your location and service level!

Block, peanuts, & containers
Latex paint
Latex paint
Acrylic, latex and water-based
Ridwell bin in front of home
Like what you see? Ridwell fills the gaps of traditional recycling so you can waste less.