Care where your stuff goes

We partner with local non-profits, domestic recyclers, and community artists to give your stuff a new purpose.

Your old jeans can become a rug and the harmful chemicals in your batteries stay out of our tap water.

If you’d like more details about our partners, please email us at!

We pickup these four categories every two weeks

Plastic film, bags, and packaging

Thin plastics can't go in your curbside bin, but can still be saved from the landfill!

Clothes, shoes, and textiles

Nearly all of shoes, clothes, and textiles can be reused or recycled into new things.


Batteries aren't toxic but they still have plenty of recyclable materials!

light bulbs

Light bulbs don’t belong in landfills and many of them contain harmful chemicals.

Plus a featured fifth category each time

Every pickup, there is a new featured category to help you waste even less! And we'll rotate popular categories back in regularly!

Planning ahead? Here’s a list of many of the featured categories we will feature in the next several months!

See featured categories

We'll take the big stuff too!

Customize your Ridwell pickup with add-on categories! These are additional, pay-as-needed, services to help you get rid of more stuff, more sustainably! And since we send a van, it doesn't have to fit in the bin!

Ridwell members can add-on these services to any regularly scheduled pickup which have an additional pickup or recycling fee. Email us for more information.


$9 per bag

We'll pickup and recycle your Styrofoam and we'll provide the bags too! Don't throw it away or store it in the closet!

Beyond the Bin

$5 per bag

We'll pickup any extra categories, like threads, plastic film, or the featured category, that doesn't fit in your bin!

Latex Paint

*Coming soon*

We'll recycle your latex paint too. No more kitty litter and landfill! The can gets recycled too!

Car seats


Car seats are large and millions are sold each year. When they expire, it's hard to recycle them!

Our partners

Purposeful reuse

To give your stuff a new home, we partner with local organizations that can reuse these specific items to help you delightfully declutter your home.

Kitchenware for

Refugee Women's Alliance

We volunteered at ReWA and learned the huge need for dishes, pots, pans, Tupperware and more!

We collected over two carloads to bring to their community center. In just 18 hours, every item had a new home.

New diapers for

WestSide Baby

WestSide Baby supports local underserved families with the resources and materials to raise happy and healthy children.

We collected over 30 boxes of unused, but loose, diapers to support their diaper bank.

Eyeglasses for

Northwest Lions

We were inspired when a member came to us with ten pairs of her husband’s old eyeglasses.

We found Northwest Lions, an international group dedicated to providing for families at home and around the world. Our community provided over 350 pairs.

Sustainable Recycling

We partner with domestic, material-specific recyclers to handle items that can’t be recycled curbside but have an outsized impact on our household waste.

We ensure that your stuff is being handled ethically and sustainably throughout the recycling process.

For more information about who we partner with and where your stuff goes, get in touch!

Electronics recycling

We work with vetted electronics recyclers to ensure that your stuff gets safely and securely broken down and recycled. No shipping overseas! We work with 1 Green Planet and 3R in Seattle and Free Geek in Portland.

Styrofoam recycling

Styrofoam is a recycling burden! We partner with specialty recyclers who can accept blocks, takeout containers, even peanuts! We partner with StyroRecycle in Kent, WA and Agylix in Tigard, OR.

Latex Paint recycling

No more kitty litter! We will be offering latex paint recycling through our partner Green Sheen so your paint can be turned into new paint.