Loose plastic flat lids.

When you finish a jar of peanut butter or a tub of hummus, what should you do with the lid? While the containers can often go into your curbside recycling program, the lids can get caught in machinery and jam up the recycling process.

We're working with a specialty recycling partner, so that your lids can be safely given a new life.

This category includes:

While what we take in this category varies by city, here is what is generally included.

Dairy lids

Sour cream lids, cottage cheese lids, yogurt lids, butter tub lids, etc.

Salsa, dip, and spread lids

Screw-on lids

Nut butter lids, nut jar lids, etc.

Snack food lids

Think of things like Pringles lids!

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