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Wasting less, made easy.

We make it easy to sustainably reuse and recycle your stuff.

Here's how it works

Save more stuff from the landfill

We give you bags to store your batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and threads. These are your core categories!

Keep them in your laundry room, kitchen, pantry, and never again go looking for that burnt out light bulb.

Make room for what you love

Be inspired to delightfully declutter your home.

You don't have to take your bin to the curb. We come to your front door to make sure your stuff finds a new home.

Feel good about where your stuff goes

Your stuff doesn't have to go to the landfill. Our reuse and recycling partners can bring your stuff new life!

We thoroughly vet and only partner with local organizations that are committed to reducing landfill waste.

Rotating categories

Every pickup, we help you delightfully declutter your home with a new category.

The rotating fifth category changes every pickup and is designed to help local non-profits in our community.

We find special partners for less common or particularly hard-to-recycle items that can go to a better place.

Want to make a difference for the planet and your trash bill?

Find out about plastic film and how Ridwell can help you save it from the landfill!

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Our story

Our story began with a father and son trying to do the right thing with dead batteries and seeing how hard it was.

This turned into Owen’s List, a large community of people in Seattle sharing new ideas and making a difference one pickup at a time.

From your door to local partners,

get rid of things the right way.