Latex paint.

In the past, the recommended way to dispose of latex paint was to dry it out (often chemically) and then send cans to the landfill. This left us wanting more as it took time, landfill space, and often came with an added charge from our local trash company.

A better way now exists! Latex paint can now be recycled. Cans you no longer need can be combined with other paint before it gets turned into a new type. Better still, any metal or plastic in the cans is recycled as well!

Why use Ridwell?

When you give your latex paint to Ridwell, it is used to create new paint! Reformatted latex paint is often sold to groups that support low-income homeowners and organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Plus, the metal and plastic paint cans can be recycled!

How it works


Add latex paint onto your pickup

When you opt-in to your pickup, add latex paint. You can find it under the add-ons section.


Let us know what you have for us

Select the type and number of cans you have for pickup.


Prep your paint for pickup

Please make sure all paint is in its original cans and sealed. Leave the paint next to your Ridwell bin or let us know if it will be somewhere else.


We pick up your paint!

We’ll safely transport your paint cans to our partners so that they can be responsibly recycled.

This category includes:

While what we take in this category varies by city, here is what is generally included.

Latex paint

Sealed with original label

Latex paint primer

Sealed with original label

Acrylic paint

Sealed with original label

Our partners

We work with local partners to bring new life to your stuff. From community reuse to grassroots recycling, we make sure it stays out of the landfill.

Every organization in our partner network is dedicated to reducing waste and making a meaningful contribution to our communities. Learn more about how we vet our partners and what partners we work with in your area on our blog.

Join the movement to build a future without waste.