Latex paint

What items can we take?

Partial or full cans of latex or water-based paints can be recycled by our local partner. If you’re not sure, just let us know! Please include the lid for safe (and clean) transport. This category may also have an additional disposal fee.

Latex paint

Latex primer

Acrylic paint

What isn’t in this category?

We are unable to take any oil-based paint or primer. This includes stains and spray paint. Let us know if we can direct you to ways to dispose this kind, but make sure not to throw it away!

Oil-based paint

Alkyd paint

Spray paint


Paint thinner

Unrecognizable cans

Latex paint.

In the past, the recommended way to dispose of latex paint was to dry it out (often chemically) and then send cans to the landfill. This left us wanting more as it took time, landfill space, and often came with an added charge from our local trash company.

A better way now exists. Latex paint can now be recycled. Cans you no longer need can be combined with other paint before it gets turned into a new type. Better still, any metal or plastic in the cans is recycled as well!

If it’s water-based, we can take it!

Why it shouldn’t be thrown away or recycled curbside

Latex paint that has not been hardened can cause damage to our sewage systems by clogging pipes. That’s why cities often recommend drying it first. This method is wasteful, though, as dried-out paint is sent to landfills where they sit for many years. There is now a better alternative.

Why is Ridwell better?

When you give your latex paint to Ridwell it is used to create new paint. Reformatted latex paint is often sold to groups that support low-income homeowners, including Habitat for Humanity. The cans that latex paint is delivered in are then recycled where the metal and plastic are turned into new things.