Portable devices.

Every year, there is a new upgrade or the next best version of your devices.

Sitting around the house are obsolete tablets, e-readers, phones, laptops, music players, and GPSs that just don't get used anymore.

These devices can still be used by others or broken down to be recycled over and over again. Don't just let your Walkman collect dust!

Why use Ridwell?

Some devices can be reused while others are taken apart to be recycled into new things.

Please return your devices to factory settings if possible, but if you're not able to not then don't worry! Our partners will securely wipe the information from every single device we give them.

This category includes:

While what we take in this category varies by city, here is what is generally included.

Cell phones




MP3 players

GPS devices

External hard drives



Remote controls

Modems and routers

Keyboards and mice

Wireless or corded

Smart watches

Our partners

We work with local partners to bring new life to your stuff. From community reuse to grassroots recycling, we make sure it stays out of the landfill.

Every organization in our partner network is dedicated to reducing waste and making a meaningful contribution to our communities. Learn more about how we vet our partners and what partners we work with in your area on our blog.

Join the movement to build a future without waste.