seasonal reuse

Halloween candy

What items can we take?

Any candy that is individually-wrapped and free of Halloween markings can be donated to make a unsheltered kid's birthday special.

Candy bars


Boxed candy

Bagged candy

What isn’t in this category?

Loose candy

Halloween branded

Caramel apples

Halloween candy.

Every Halloween, many families end up with extra candy. Halloween candy could come from kids trick-or-treating and getting too much. On average each trick-or-treater consumes 3 cups of sugar! Or it could come from adults who overestimate the number of trick-or-treaters they will get and are left with candy they hope to not get tempted by in the weeks ahead.

No matter where it came from, Ridwell will pick any extra candy up so it can do good in the community. Candy will no longer get stale or be something you regret eating. Instead, leftover candy from your home will brighten a homeless youth’s day as part of their birthday celebrations.

If it’s individually wrapped, it can be collected by Ridwell!

Why is Ridwell better?

When you leave candy for Ridwell, it will reach our homeless youth on a very special day in their lives. Candy is gathered in party bags and is handed out as part of birthday celebrations throughout the year.

Candy does not get stale in your pantry waiting to be eaten. It is not something you’ll eat and later regret. Instead, it can go to a great local partner working on an important mission.

Partnering with Birthday Dreams

Birthday Dreams is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing joy to homeless children with the gift of a Birthday Party. They were founded on the simple principle that children must have this sense of hope, encouragement and belief that there are people who care so that they can weather the storms of their circumstances. One day, their day, to be free of all burdens and just enjoy the excitement of their birthday party.

So far, Birthday Dreams has planned over 6,700 birthday parties. Each Halloween they collect candy from the community to be used at these special events. Halloween candy drives are a great way to learn about and support Birthday Dreams and we look forward to other categories to do this throughout the year.

Any candy that Birthday Dreams can't accept will be donated to local shelters for their clients.