A huge thank you from Owen and his family

After two years helping Seattle neighbors get rid of stuff the right way, Owen's List is fully transitioning over to Ridwell.

About Owen's List and Ridwell

Owen's List started when Owen was six and had questions about what happens when you throw things away. So he and his father, Ryan, started looking around their house for things they could keep out of the landfill.

After over 2,000 pickups over 28 categories, Ryan and three like-minded co-founders—Aliya, Justin, and David—decided to expand Owen's List's mission to serve more people and more areas around Seattle.

Ridwell had their first pickup in early October 2018 with just 60 members. Now, with over 2,700 members, they hope to expand the mission to build a less wasteful future through consumer activism and local partnerships beyond Seattle.

As Ridwell grows, Owen will always be a huge inspiration for what we do and why we do it. And he still loves to come along on the electronics pick ups!

Introducing Ridwell

Save things from the landfill

Store your batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and threads, in your Ridwell bags we provide.

Delightfully declutter your home.

Every pickup, there’s a fifth category to help you get rid of more things the right way.

Feel good getting rid of things.

Every two weeks, let us know if you have stuff for us and we'll take it to a better place.

“I had bags and piles of stuff waiting for the day I had time to research how to keep it out of the trash.

I’ve been using Ridwell for a few weeks and absolutely love it so far.”

- Maggie, Ballard -

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