Styrofoam* recycling
with Ridwell

Styrofoam pickups every two weeks.

We want Styrofoam recycling to be easy, convenient, and dependable. We don't want you to save it in your basement or miss a special pickup day.

So for Ridwell members, we offer add-on Styrofoam pickups every two weeks.

How it works

So, you just got a gift from your cousin. It's artisanal cheese! …In a styrofoam cooler :(

We'll deliver an orange Styrofoam bag with your bin for you to keep in a convenient place.

Fill your bag up with recyclable Styrofoam!

When your bag is full, add it onto your next regular pickup for just $9. We'll leave a new one in its place!

What happens to Styrofoam* once Ridwell collects it?


Trained team members screen for non-qualifying material like wet styrofoam or stickers that need removing


Screened product is consolidated and transported to local partner


Partners reduce material into dense blocks that can be used to make new products (like picture frames) or revert them even further into their original chemical components, which can then be used over and over again.

How large are the bags?

Our Styrofoam bags are more than 4x larger than our Ridwell bin, so they'll fit even your bulkiest pieces!

If your Styrofoam is too tall, try breaking it into two shorter pieces! That way you can fit even more!

10 gallons

45 gallons

And you can get as many bags as you need - just reach out if you need more than one at a time.

It's not just the big stuff

You can put these categories in your big orange bag as well!

Packing Peanuts

Food containers & meat trays

Can I put it in my own bag?

Unless you've talked to us ahead of time, we'll only take Styrofoam that's in one of our orange Styrofoam bags.

What counts as Styrofoam*?

See more details about what we can recycle here!

I'm not a member, can I get a bag?

Sorry! For now Styrofoam pickups are just available to Ridwell members, but check out other resources on how to recycle at the bottom of this page.

When will I get my bag?

Your first Styrofoam bag will be delivered with your bin. From then on, whenever you get a styrofoam pickup, we'll replace your full one with an empty one!

What if my styrofoam doesn't fit in the bag?

Try to break it down into smaller pieces. If it sticks out a bit, don't worry! We'll still take it.

Do you reuse the bags?

Absolutely! We will keep them in circulation as long as possible.

Get rid of your
Styrofoam* the right way.

Questions or concerns? Get in touch at

Other ways to recycle your Styrofoam*

While we want to offer our members an easy way to get rid of their styrofoam, there are some other recycling options around the city that we know of.

Greater Puget Sound

Free dropoff

Free pickup


Free dropoff


Free dropoff

* When we say Styrofoam, we are actually referring to items in the polystyrene foam family, not just Styrofoam-brand products. Technically, there's no such thing as a “Styrofoam” cup. In fact, Styrofoam™ Brand Foam is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (“DuPont”) and is used as rigid foam insulation in above and below grade applications, structural insulated sheathing, motorhomes, caravans insulated trucks, under or over highways, tunnels and insulation pipes and even is used in the floral and craft market. For more information, click here.