Beyond the Bin
with Ridwell

A simple way to save even more from the landfill

We want to make Ridwell simple and accessible for everyone. We also know that many of you have more than fits in the bin--it could be the plastic wrap from a furniture delivery or old clothes from the back of your closet.

How it works


More than fits in the bin?

Amazing! Thank you for caring about where your stuff goes! But, we can only take what fits in the bin on your regular pickup.


Add Beyond the Bin to your next pickup

For $1 per extra bag, we will pick up any extra plastic film or threads you have for us, separated by category. If you have batteries or light bulbs, please email for special pricing.


Bag up your extra material

Bag up your extra material in a disposable bag. One category per bag please!


We pick it up and take it to a better place!

No storing up, no extra trips! We make sure ALL of your stuff gets a new life.

Beyond the Bin FAQ

How do I schedule Beyond the Bin?

You can add up to 5 extra bags onto your pickup from your pickup calendar when you opt-into your pickup.

How much does it cost?

Our Beyond the Bin service costs $1 per extra bag you leave out for us.

Can I put it in my own bag?

Yes! Feel free to use any disposable bag that works for you.

What size should the bag be?

The price is the same for any size bag so we recommend using the largest disposable one you have (plastic garbage bags work well)!

Why is there an extra charge?

Our regular pickups are completed by drivers in small vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint and neighborhood traffic. This means we have a limited amount of space on our routes. To take extra, we need to send larger vehicles and people trained to drive them!

What about my first pickup?

For our new members who have stuff just waiting to be recycled or reused by Ridwell, we’re happy to take your first five bags for free.

Thanks for wasting less with us!

Questions or concerns? Get in touch at