National Bike Month


Add up to 3 bicycles through your member dashboard - all bicycles must be labeled with "Ridwell" for pickup! This is a FREE add-on for pickups between May 16 - May 20th only.

Why use Ridwell?

We’re celebrating National Bike Month by helping your old bicycles, working or not, find new homes! Bicycles collected as part of this pickup will be used in summer camp and educational programming, refurbished for the WashCo Community Bike Center, or given to community members in need.

We'll also be collecting bicycle gear as the featured category during this pickup. Click here to find out more!

How it works


Add your bicycles to your pickup

From your member dashboard, add on the number of bicycles you’ll have for us by 8pm the night before pickup. You can add up to 3 bikes for this pickup.


Label your bicycles

Put a label on all bicycles to be picked up, clearly identifying them as being for Ridwell. We will not be collecting any bicycles that do not have a label.


Put your labeled bicycles next to your bin

Make sure your labeled bicycles are placed next to your Ridwell bin by 8am on your pickup day.


Expect two pickups on your pickup day

We’ll come by twice on your pickup day - once to get your bike, and once to get the rest of your stuff! We’ll send a confirmation for each pickup, so don’t be surprised if you get two sets of notifications on your pickup day.

What items can we take?

We can take bicycles of all sizes, working or not!


Broken bicycles

Folding bicycles

Mountain bikes


Bikes with training wheels

Push bikes and balance bikes

Electric bikes

Bicycle gear and accessories

We're collecting these as your featured category - put them in your featured category bag for pickup!

What isn’t in this category?


Dirt bikes

Scooters and skateboards

Bike trailers



Have a bicycle that was outgrown by kiddos, or one that needs a little TLC before it can find another loving home?

We’re picking up bicycles for our local partners, who refurbish them and get them rolling back into the hands of community members!

Partnering with WashCo Bikes

WashCo Bikes is a nonprofit organization that makes bicyclists and bicycling better through education, encouragement, and advocacy.

Your bike gear will be given new life through WashCo Bikes’ robust programming, including The Community Bicycling Center, where the community can buy used, new and refurbished bikes, get repair services, and buy accessories at reduced costs. These accessories will also contribute to their Saddle Up Summer Bike Camps and Safe Routes to School programs that directly benefit local children with the goal of creating educated, lifelong cyclists.


Will I be charged?

Nope! This add-on is free. However, your bicycles need to be added on from your member dashboard, so that we know to expect them and can plan our routes accordingly. We will not collect any bicycles that have not been added onto your pickup.

Do the bikes have to be functional?

Nope! We will take working or non-working bicycles as long as they are added to your pick up from your member dashboard and labeled "Ridwell" for pickup.

Is there a maximum number of bikes you will pick up?

We are only taking up to 3 bicycles for this pickup. Please be sure to add the number of bikes that you will have for us onto your pickup via your member dashboard.

What if I have more than 3 bikes?

At this time we are limiting pickups to 3 bikes per household so everyone who wants to has a chance to participate! If you have more than three bicycles, please consider donating them directly to WashCo Bikes.

How do I get my bikes picked up?

You can add bicycles to your pickup from your member dashboard. Detailed instructions on how to add add-ons to your pickup are available here.

Is there anything else special I need to do to my bicycles?

Once you add your bicycles onto your pickup, you will need to label them before putting them by your bin to be collected. You can use our printable labels (download the pdf here!) or write your own ”Ridwell” label – as long as our drivers can see the label clearly, you are good to go! We will not be collecting any bicycles that are not labeled for us so that we don’t accidentally pick up any bikes that aren't meant for us. Thank you so much for your help!