Why use Ridwell?

Most curbside recycling services don’t offer Styrofoam recycling, or only take very limited types. This means that you get stuck saving up your Styrofoam and then trying to find somewhere to recycle it.

Ridwell makes recycling your Styrofoam (also known as expanded polystyrene or EPS) easy. Instead of spending hours of your weekend driving around looking for a recycling center, just add it to your Ridwell pickup. We’ll come get it right from your door, and take it to our partners - who recycle it into things like picture frames and roofing insulation!

How it works


Collect your Styrofoam

Use the orange bag provided by Ridwell to collect your Styrofoam between pickups. Please make sure your Styrofoam is clean!


Tie or tape your Styrofoam bag shut

Securely close your Styrofoam bag so that pieces will not fall out during transit.


Get ready for pickup

Unlimited members: Go ahead and leave your orange bag of Styrofoam by your bin for pickup!

Plastic Plus and Classic members: Add Styrofoam to your pickup from your member dashboard for a small add-on fee, then leave your orange bag by your bin for pickup.

What items can we take?



Clean containers and cups

Clean meat trays and food trays

Shiny and flexible

Flex film

Shipping coolers

What isn’t in this category?

There are a few things our partners can't recycle.

Dirty containers



Soft foam



Styrofoam* is inexpensive and keeps certain things safe or cool in transport, so it often shows up unannounced in packages. Unfortunately, it usually can’t go in curbside recycling, and can take centuries to decompose in a landfill.

With Ridwell, you can get your Styrofoam picked up right from your door! You save time (and get to finally clear out the Styrofoam stash in your closet!), and your Styrofoam gets a second life.

*When we say Styrofoam, we are referring to items in the polystyrene foam family, not just Styrofoam-brand products. Styrofoam™ Brand Foam is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (“DuPont”). For more information, click here.

Why is styrofoam still a thing?

—Everyone ever

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