Styrofoam and plastic film.

Plastic film is the thin, flexible plastic that pops up everywhere - from plastic shopping bags to bubble wrap to dry cleaning bags.

Styrofoam is inexpensive and keeps certain things safe or cool in transport, so it often shows up unannounced in packages.

We partner with specialty recyclers who turn these hard-to-recycle items into things like composite decking and picture frames!

This category includes:

While what we take in this category varies by city, here is what is generally included.

Solid Styrofoam

Packing peanuts

Clean Styrofoam tableware

Clean containers and cups

Clean meat trays and food trays

Flex film

Shiny and flexible

Shipping coolers

Prime shippers

Bubble wrap

Air pillows

Grocery bags


Dry cleaning bags

Outer wrapping

Newspaper bags

Bread bags

Produce bags

Poly-bags and Tyvek mailers

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