Oral care

What Oral care can we take?

We can take these items from any dental brands. Please try to squeeze out as much excess from the tubes as possible!

Toothpaste tubes

Toothpaste caps


Toothpaste cartons

Toothbrush packaging

Floss containers

What isn't in this category?

Our partner can't recycle any electric toothbrushes or parts.

Electric toothbrushes

Battery toothbrushes

Electric toothbrush parts

Oral care.

For those of us who floss every day, a cavity is the least of our worries. Having good dental hygiene and a happy dentist means lots of waste: old toothbrushes, floss containers, toothpaste tubes, and all that packaging.

We found a way to responsibly dispose of these items so they don't have to end up in the landfill. Happy teeth, happy planet!

Partnering with Terracycle x Colgate

This is our first partnership with Terracycle—a great option for recycling a myriad of categories. But they require you to send boxes of items across the country! This is tough for an individual and adds environmental cost to recycling your stuff.

With Ridwell, we can pool many people's items and more efficiently get it recycled, saving time, headache, and our environment all the same time!