Approximately 75% of us use some form of vision correction. Many people wear glasses, either regularly or occasionally for things like reading. If you include sunglasses, the number may even reach 100%. Despite all of those glasses-wearers among us, few people know what can happen to an old pair once you are through with them.

We’ve learned that all kinds of glasses can be donated to local partners who will distribute them to people in need throughout the world.

This category includes:

While what we take in this category varies by partner, here is what is generally included.


Reading glasses


Our partners

We work with local partners to bring new life to your stuff. From community reuse to grassroots recycling, we make sure it stays out of the landfill.

Every organization in our partner network is dedicated to reducing waste and making a meaningful contribution to our communities. Learn more about how we vet our partners and what partners we work with in your area on our blog.