What items can we take?

Any glasses - working, scratched, or broken - can be donated to our local partner.




Broken glasses



Approximately 75% of us use some form of vision correction. Many people wear glasses, either regularly or occasionally for things like reading. If you include sunglasses, the number may even reach 100%. Despite all of those glasses-wearers among us, few people know what can happen to an old pair once you are through with them.

We’ve learned that all kinds of glasses can be donated to a local partner who will distribute them to people in need throughout the world. And even better, this great partner will also recycle any pairs (like broken ones!) that can no longer be worn.

If it’s for seeing, it can be donated or recycled through Ridwell!

Why is Ridwell better?

Old glasses could be sitting in a drawer somewhere not being used. They could be an old prescription, an old style, or even broken. All of these types can be donated through Ridwell where they will either be provided to people in need or recycled.

Our local partner has a finely-tuned process that makes sure any old glasses you might have will be handled the right way and used for good.

Partnering with Northwest Lions

Millions of people throughout the world are suffering without vision correction. Some could lack the means to travel distances to an eye care professional. Others may not face that challenge, but do not have enough money to pay for eyeglasses. That is the need served by Northwest Lions, an all-volunteer organization located near Olympia.

Northwest Lions has processed over 2.2 million pairs since starting out in 2004 and a recent visit showed us why they have been so successful. All pairs that arrive to the Northwest Lions facility are inspected, cleaned, and sorted. Next, a process matches groups of different kinds of glasses with groups in need both at home and abroad. Any pairs not matched will be recycled through a domestic partner who will make sure the glass and metal are turned into new things and not sent to landfills.