What items can we take?

Amazingly, almost all old electronics still have value. They can be refurbished or recycled into their component materials.

Cell phones

Computers & tablets


Gaming devices

Cords & cables

What isn’t in this category?

Our partners are prepared to take almost any electronic item, but there are a few we are unable to take.

large appliances



We have gadgets galore in our houses and often times that means some reach the end of their useful life. This is commonly referred to as electronic waste. Worldwide, we generate around 40 million tons of electronic waste annually, and only 12.5% of E-waste is recycled.

Things like old phones, cords, screens, and other equipment should not be thrown away, so we feature old electronics pickups with partners who recycle and reuse locally. No shipping to China.

More than 40 million tons of e-waste are produced every year

Why it shouldn’t be thrown away or recycled curbside

Because it is both wasteful and harmful. Many of the components in electronics can be recycled into valuable materials such as copper, ferrous metals, gold, aluminum, and plastics. Not only can we conserve these natural resources but can also produce new electronic equipment with them.

One of the benefits of this is simultaneously being able to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions whilst also saving energy and resources by extracting fewer raw materials via costly mining operations.

Why is Ridwell better?

Some electronics can be reused while others are taken apart to be recycled into new things. Your old computer can be refurbished and reused.

We work with partners who dismantle the electronics and separate the materials. For example, circuit boards go through a heat and chemical process to recover metals such as copper, silver, and gold. Essentially, each electronic component has its own valuable and recoverable material.

Did you know that 98 percent of your mobile phone can be recycled and put back into the supply chain to create new products?