Cords, chargers, and printer cartridges.

We are surrounded by electronics that constantly need to be powered up. It's easy to accumulate chargers and cords that don't have a home.

Ridwell is collecting power cords, chargers, and connectors to help tidy up your home!

And if you have other electronics, worry not! We are splitting up the category so we can do more pickups more frequently!

Why use Ridwell?

Some cords can be reused while others are taken apart to be recycled into new things.

In order to help you get rid of your electronics, we have split that huge category into a few smaller ones.

Keep on the look out for our other electronic categories: small devices & laptops, small appliances, and lighting!

This category includes:

While what we take in this category varies by partner, here is what is generally included.

Power cords and adaptors

Phone chargers

USB connectors



Extension cords


Headphones and earbuds

Printer cartridges

To prevent spilling, please place these in a plastic bag before putting them into your Ridwell bag!

Our partners

We work with local partners to bring new life to your stuff. From community reuse to grassroots recycling, we make sure it stays out of the landfill.

Every organization in our partner network is dedicated to reducing waste and making a meaningful contribution to our communities. Learn more about how we vet our partners and what partners we work with in your area on our blog.