Artist Spotlight: Metal caps

What items can we take?

Since these are for artists, we're looking for just the bottle caps like on beer bottles or old-school soda bottles!

Metal bottle caps

What isn’t in this category?

Plastic bottle caps

Leave them on the plastic bottle and recycle it!

Jar lids

If they are clean and more than 3 inches, recycle it!

Glass bottles

Artist Spotlight: Metal caps.

Once that bottle is popped, there’s no going back [at least for the cap!]! Unlike plastic bottles that can be recycled along with their plastic caps, metal bottle caps usually appear on glass containers and can’t be re-secured to the bottle once it is opened! Why is this an issue? Since the caps are less than 3 inches, they’re too small to make it through our single-stream recycling systems on their own and usually end up in landfill!

Instead, we’ve found a better home for them with Seattle Recycled Arts! Artists will create works of art from these caps, which would otherwise go to waste!

Partnering with Seattle Recycled Arts Festival

Since beginning in 2016, the Seattle Recycled Arts Festival has been educating the community about recycled art and showcasing many talented artists living in our area. They define recycled art as pieces made from at least 75% recycled materials. By creating art from what otherwise might end up in landfills, they are protecting our resources and inspiring creativity at the same time.