Artist Spotlight: Metal caps and pouch tops

What items can we take?

If it's metal, we can take it. Also if it topped off a yogurt or baby food pouch.

Food pouch tops

Metal bottle caps

What isn’t in this category?

Plastic bottle caps

Leave them on the plastic bottle and recycle it!

Jar lids

If they are clean and more than 3 inches, recycle it!


We're looking for a partner here!

Glass bottles

Artist Spotlight: Metal caps and pouch tops.

Neither pouch tops nor metal bottle caps are recyclable curbside in our area. Some people try to do that and it can clog up recycling centers.

The proper thing to do is send them to a landfill, but we’ve found a better home for them with some local artists.

Why is Ridwell better?

Your old bottle caps and pouch tops will be used by local artists, Polly Purvis and Tony Stinson. These artists create works of art from products that might otherwise go to waste.

Partnering with Seattle Recycled Arts Festival

Since beginning in 2016, the Seattle Recycled Arts Festival has been educating the community about recycled art and showcasing many talented artists living in our area. They define recycled art as pieces made from at least 75% recycled materials.

By creating art from what otherwise might end up in landfills, they are protecting our resources and also inspiring creativity at the same time. Ridwell is one of the sponsors of this year’s event being held June 9, 2019 at the Georgetown Carnival. Stop by our booth and say hello if you’re attending!