What items can we take?

We can take all sorts of bras: regular, underwire, padded, nursing, sports bras. For this drive, they need to be rewearable!


maternity & nursing




What isn’t in this category?

For very worn, torn, or stained bras, use your threads bag and we can recycle.


At least 50% of us have bras. They are beautiful pieces of personal attire. They are functional wardrobe essentials. They keep us moving.

But we all have the ones we like less, that are a bit worn out, a bit out of style, or just have fallen out of favor.

We are partnering with Free the Girls to get those old favorites new homes and empower enterprising women around the world.

If we get 4're providing a living wage for a woman in our El Salvador program. If we collect 200 bras...that's half a month's inventory for a woman in Mozambique.

“I changed my life when I started selling bras.”

A woman in the Mozambique program

Why it shouldn’t be thrown away or recycled curbside

Like clothes, bras get thrown out all the time. Often we are uncomfortable about giving them for reuse. Perhaps they feel too personal or too well loved.

Although threads and fabrics are not typically as harmful to the environment as other items that end up in landfills, this does not mean that they are entirely safe either. These items decompose and produce landfill gas. In addition to being costly to ship to landfills, taking up space, they produce toxic air pollutants that include methane and greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, both of which are damaging to the air.

Partnering with Free the Girls

Free the Girls is a non-profit dedicated to lifting women and families out of poverty. Otherwise, these women are increasingly susceptible to trafficking and loss of freedom.

By collecting bras across North America and other parts of the world, they ship them to programs in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Costa Rica. The women in can sell them in the market to make a safe and sustainable income.