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Plastic Plus

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Depending on your address, we pick up:
Plastic film
Clothes, shoes, and textiles
Light bulbs
a Featured Category
Multi-layer plastic
Clear plastic clamshells
Add-ons (Styrofoam and more!)
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How it works

Ridwell bin and bags for plastic film, light bulbs, threads, and batteries

Collect hard-to-recycle items in your Ridwell bags

We give you bags to store your regular categories like plastic film, batteries, light bulbs, threads and more!

These are things we dispose of every day without a good recycling or reuse solution.

Woman putting plastic film bag into Ridwell bin

Easy pickups from your front door

You don't have to take your bin to the curb. We come to your front door to make sure your stuff finds a new home.

We come to your neighborhood every two weeks, just let us know when you have stuff!

Family enjoying the convenience of Ridwell

Feel great about where your stuff goes

Your stuff is recycled or reused by our vetted partners dedicated to wasting less.

Together, Ridwell members save tons from the landfill every year to support our community, keep our oceans clean and build a brighter future.

Ridwell bin and bags

All Ridwell memberships include:

  • 1 pickup every other week
  • 1 free bin with 14"x14"x14" space for your stuff
  • 1 free canvas or plastic bag for each category in your plan
  • One featured category of your choice every pickup
  • Support from our world-class member success team
  • Transparency from our amazing partners who divert your stuff from the landfill!

What members are saying

"Love, love, love"

I absolutely love, love, love being able to recycle items that otherwise would be thrown into the trash and end up in a landfill! I am amazed at how few things are now going into their trash bin. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to feel responsible and virtuous!

Teri J.

"Makes it easy"

Keeping household waste out of our landfill requires knowledge, time, and effort. Ridwell's collection services make it easy to recycle and pass along items we no longer need. Welcome to Portland!

Lisa T

“Worthy, local causes”

I love that I am simultaneously getting rid of things in my home in a sustainable, earth friendly way, and also donating to worthy, local causes that I support.

Marcy W.

Questions? We can help!

Can I upgrade my membership level after my initial subscription term is complete?
Absolutely! You can upgrade from your account or by emailing help@ridwell.com at any point.
How easy is it to cancel?
You can cancel at anytime. We want you to be completely satisfied with your Ridwell membership. If for any reason you're not, please email us at help@ridwell.com to cancel.

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Ridwell bin and bags in driveway

Ridwell fills the gaps of traditional recycling so categories vary based on your location.

See if we're on your block.