Pet leashes, collars, harnesses, and food

If you have more than fits in your Ridwell bag, add on free featured category Beyond the Bin bags from your dashboard. For our drivers' safety, please limit bags to 15 lbs each and double bag any Beyond the Bin items.

What items can we take?

We can accept partial bags of dry food and treats, but please make sure they are tightly shut! Canned food must be unopened and unexpired. All other supplies should be gently used with some life left in them.

Canned cat and dog food

Unopened and unexpired please!

Dry cat and dog food bags less than 15 lbs

Can be opened, but please make sure all bags are securely shut to prevent spilling! Must be unexpired.

Cat and dog treats

Sealed and unexpired please!

Dog and cat collars

Dog and cat leashes

Dog and cat harnesses

Gently used pet toys

Must be clean, with some fun left in them for the next pet who plays with them!

Gently used pet clothing

Must be clean, dry, and in wearable condition

What isn’t in this category?

Food for animals other than dogs and cats

Expired pet food or treats

Past expiration or "best by" date

Open pet food cans

Pet beds

Broken, damaged, or dirty items

Dirty, damaged, or unwearable pet clothing

Wash these and put them in your threads bag!

Dirty or no longer usable toys

Carriers and crates

Pet leashes, collars, harnesses, and food.

Our pets are a part of our families. With so many animals out there in search of their own forever homes, we want to help them out along the way. Rescue organizations and shelters in our community work hard to help as many animals as possible and rely on donations to do so.

Partnering with Pawsitive Alliance

Pawsitive Alliance offers three core programs of Adoption, Spay & Neuter, and Pet Retention. They are dedicated to keeping cats and dogs with their caretakers and preventing pets from becoming homeless, because they believe all animals deserve a chance at healthy and happy lives. They honor that income should not be a barrier to keeping a pet and through their pet supply clinics Pawsitive Alliance helps beloved pets and their caretakers thrive, together! Their clinics provide essential supplies like leashes, collars, harnesses, food, beds, jackets, and many other items. With items provided by Ridwell, Pawsitive Alliance can provide pet supplies to those who need them the most.

Partnering with Auburn Valley Humane Society

Auburn Valley Humane Society enriches the lives of companion animals and people through animal sheltering, programs, and community engagement. They value the compassionate care of companion animals, humane treatment of all animals, their staff and volunteers, and the relationships with their partners and supporters. Their vision is to be a model of excellence in animal welfare. Since 2013, they have helped over 15,000 animals by having over 11,000 animals adopted, reunited more than 2,000 animals with their owners and spayed or neutered over 8,700 animals. In addition, Auburn Valley Humane Society operates a Spay & Neuter Clinic in Tacoma that performs over 15,000 spay/neuter surgeries a year and a thrift store that helps fund the care and needs for animals in their care.

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