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Fluorescent Light Tubes

We offer fluorescent light tube pickup as an add-on to any regularly scheduled pickup.

Why use Ridwell?

When you give your fluorescent light tubes to Ridwell, we do the heavy lifting. These long, cumbersome CFLs contain mercury gas, making them hard to transport safely. We’ll make sure they get to our partner and get properly recycled.

How it works


Add Fluorescent light tubes onto your pickup

When you opt-in to your pickup, add fluorescent light tubes. You can find it under the add-ons section.


Let us know what you have for us

Select the number of tubes you have for pickup.


Prep your lights for pickup

Please make sure tubes are visible for our driver next to your bin.


We pick up your lights!

We’ll let you know once we’ve picked up your lights and send you a receipt via text message.

What items can we take?

We can take fluorescent light tubes in any shape

Fluorescent light tubes

Fluorescent light circles

Fluorescent U-shaped tubes

What isn’t in this category?

Other light bulbs

Place these in your threads bag for pickup!

Broken Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Light Tubes.

Fluorescent light tubes contain mercury gas making responsible disposal difficult. While there are state programs to help you dispose of them, we can help make it easier.

Ridwell will pick them up and ensure that the mercury gets handled safely and the metal and plastic are recycled. That’s one less chore for you!

Partnering with EcoLights

EcoLights is a government-vetted light bulb recycler that specializes in ensuring environmental responsibility in their recycling practices. Outside of fluorescent light tubes, EcoLights also handles regular light bulbs, dead batteries, and electronics making our environment cleaner and our homes safer.


How much does it cost?

We offer FLT pickup for $4 per tube. This is based on the cost of logistics to transport bulbs in a way that is safe for our drivers, and to cover the cost of recycling with our partner. Thanks for wasting less!

What’s EcoLights recycling process?

The lights will be responsibly crushed and the glass, metal, and plastic parts separated for further recycling. Mercury gas is handled following all safety protocols.

How do I package tubes for pickup?

If you only have a couple FLTs, we recommend leaving them unboxed and putting them (gently) by your Ridwell bin. If you have them in a box, please make sure it is packaged securely.

What about broken light tubes?

Unfortunately, we can't take broken tubes due to safety concerns for our drivers.

How many can you take at a time?

We have a general limit of 10 tubes. For more than 10 tubes, please send us a quick heads-up message at so we make sure everything gets picked up.

How long can the tubes be?

We can take tubes up to 8ft long.

Are there free options?

Residents can drop off their FLTs at several locations.

Find a location near you.