Please wrap anything breakable. Knives must be safely wrapped in a towel or cardboard and tape to ensure the safety of our team. We are NOT taking any appliances at this time.

What items can we take?

We are taking items in usable condition. Please wrap anything breakable, as well as any knives - thank you for keeping our team members safe!


Pots and pans

All sizes.

Plates and bowls

Silverware, flatware, and cutlery

Spatulas and spoons

Cooking utensils

Mixing bowls

Kitchen measuring tools

Cups, spoons, small pitchers

Cooking knives

Please securely wrap in bubble wrap, cloth, or cardboard & tape

What isn’t in this category?

Appliances and electronics

Loose knives

All knives must be securely wrapped in cloth or cardboard or we will be unable to take them!

Dirty kitchenware

Broken kitchenware

Disposable plates, utensils, or cups

Kitchen linens

Tablecloths, napkins, dish towels, etc.


We all have silverware, bowls, spatulas, measuring spoons... all sorts of things around the kitchen that we just don't use anymore.

We partner with local organizations to connect your kitchenware with members of the community who need it!

Partnering with Humble Design

Humble Design serves individuals, families, and veterans emerging from homelessness by transforming empty houses into welcoming homes using donated furniture and household goods.

Their warehouses are curated by design teams that personalize homes based on their clients’ needs and preferences. More than a makeover, it’s a start over.

Partnering with FUSION Federal Way

Fusion was started in 1993 around a kitchen table in Federal Way, by a group of concerned community members who wanted survivors of domestic violence to have a safe home. On Christmas Eve 2020, FUSION opened the first homeless family shelter in Federal Way. They serve 29 unique families that are experiencing homeless and help them find housing and stability.

Partnering with Compass Housing Alliance

Compass Housing Alliance is fighting the problems of homelessness and lack of affordable housing head-on. Through the development and operation of permanent affordable housing with supportive services, expansive 24/7 enhanced shelter programs, and a robust emergency services hub, Compass helps low-income and unhoused individuals and families in our community end the cycle of homelessness.

Compass began more than 100 years ago in Seattle’s Pioneer Square as a haven for those who were working in the region's earliest industries. Today, their range of services includes a hygiene center, mail services, 222 enhanced emergency shelter beds; and 684 affordable studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units in 20 affordable supportive housing locations. Unique to Compass is their ability to provide shelter and stability to neighbors in need, regardless of where they may be on their journey to home.

Through all its programs, Compass touches the lives of thousands of individuals, families, and Veterans in King County each year. All of Compass’s housing and services programs are informed by guiding principles of stability, growth, and community.

Partnering with Seattle Goodwill

Founded in 1923, Seattle Goodwill has been an integral part of our community for over 90 years. Driven by their mission to provide free job training and education to those in need, they continue to help change people’s lives for the better. They believe in the potential of individuals to make positive changes in their lives. They believe that education and training empower people to make those changes. Their vision for the communities they serve is that each person is able to choose rewarding employment, financial security and the experience of educational achievement.

Because of their work, people are building their futures, families are strengthened, and our communities are enriched. They want you to feel good about knowing that your stuff is going to someone who will love and cherish it as their own. They have helped keep 60 million pounds of usable goods out of our landfills, which means you’re doing good for the earth too.