Silverware and kitchen utensils

What items can we take?

Usable items only, please! Wrap anything sharp or breakable in paper or bubble wrap.



Spatulas, whisks, can openers, cooking spoons, etc.

Kitchen measuring tools

Cups, spoons, small pitchers

Pizza cutters

Please wrap in paper or cardboard

Peelers and graters



Kitchen scissors

Please wrap blades in paper or cardboard

What isn’t in this category?

Cooking knives

Rusted items

Dirty, rusted, or broken silverware and utensils

Disposable utensils

Appliances and electronics

Real silver silverware

Pots and pans

Dishware and bakeware

Keep an eye out for a featured category for this in a few months!

Kitchen linens

Tablecloths, napkins, dish towels, etc. These can go in your threads bag!

Other kitchen items

Kitchen linens can go in your Threads bag!

Silverware and kitchen utensils.

We all have that old fork from college or a wooden spoon that we just never reach for. Ridwell is partnering with local organizations to bring those items a new life!

Partnering with Make it Home

Make It Home was founded in 2020 by Carolyn Rebuffel Flannery, a highly-regarded Bay Area interior designer and foster care advocate. Carolyn had first-hand experience of waste in the design industry, where damaged shipments and “refreshed” furniture often were tossed out, as well as a deep understanding of how youth aging out of foster care could not afford the simplest of furniture and were left to move into empty apartments. Make It Home’s mission is to help Bay Area families and individuals transitioning out of crisis. With the vision of ending furniture poverty while protecting the environment, they recycle, reimagine, and curate gently used, donated furnishings to transform empty spaces into homes.