What items can we take?

This category includes things made with fabric as well as shoes. We take stuff that's clean and in good enough shape to be reused and stuff that isn't! As long as it’s not wet, mildewed, or covered in hazardous materials it can be reused or recycled!





Fabric scraps

What isn’t in this category?

Fortunately, not very much! 95% of threads people throw out can avoid the landfill. Only a few categories cannot be reused or recycled.


Hazardous contamination

Mildewed and moldy

#60 denim or cotton insulation

Burnt items

Dirty clothes

Wash these and add them to your threads bag once they're clean!


The average American trashes 65 pounds of old clothing each year and nearly all of it could be reused or recycled!

This category, sometimes called ‘threads’ also includes shoes, towels, sheets, and other fabric materials.

Each Ridwell member receives a dedicated bag for all of their threads. We work with partners who will make sure they get to a better place than a landfill (or the back of your closet!)

Partnering with Goodwill

In the last 100 years, Goodwill services have changed to respond to the needs of the times. They began by helping people with disabilities and disadvantages repair donated items. They helped connect neighbors with basic services during the Great Depression and were proud to provide training and jobs to wounded soldiers coming back from World War II. They trained people on computers when technology became part of the American workforce, and during recessions they have been instrumental in connecting people to jobs.

Today, we work with Goodwill to ensure that your clothes, shoes, and other textiles get reused or recycled.

Partnering with Rag Mine Clothing

Rag Mine Clothing is a  family and friends run clothing reuse, repurpose and resale operation based in Kent, Washington that helps to find pre-owned clothing a new home whether it be local or worldwide. Rag Mine works with several local artisanal clothing designers and resellers who can be found in local open air markets around the Puget Sound. They also have a passion for finding a new home for vintage clothing that can still provide many years of enjoyment and style and avoid being sent to local landfills. Additionally, Rag Mine provides support through clothing donations to local homeless shelters and clothing drives throughout the year. Threads provided to Rag Mine will be distributed between local and overseas partners for reuse, repurposing and recycling.

Join the movement to build a future without waste.