Light bulbs

What items can we take?

This category includes all kinds of household light bulbs.





What isn’t in this category?

We can't take fluorescent tubes on our regular pickups. You can find a drop off location here: or contact us for pickup options.

Fluorescent light tubes

We can take these as part of our add-on service!

Light bulbs.

Light bulbs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, lumens, and types, the most common being LEDs, incandescents, fluorescents, and CFLs.

CFLs contain mercury and so are collected by the state for recycling. But we can take all types to make sure you get rid of stuff the right way.

Why use Ridwell?

We take all of your spent light bulbs and our partner separates the metal, glass, and plastic for further materials recycling.

CFLs (the curly ones) have mercury in them so they need to be disposed of responsibly! And we want to make that easy. Just put them in your light bulb bag and we can take care of the rest.

If you have light bulbs that are still good but you don't need anymore, try your local Buy Nothing group for reuse in the community!