Get your Ridwell bin today!

Ridwell is now picking up in Bellingham!

That means pickups every two weeks, over a dozen categories every pickup, and the warm fuzzy feeling of doing the right thing with your stuff.

Become a member in Bellingham

We make it easy to make sure your stuff stays out of the landfill.

includes 98225, 98226 and 98229

Join 2,859 of your neighbors in Bellingham!


With a father and son looking for a place to take batteries.

What started as a nights-and-weekends project has grown in cities, neighborhoods, and communities across the nation. Join your neighbors in building a brighter future!


Easy pickups every two weeks, from your front door.

Collect items throughout the week, opt-in to pickup on your dashboard, and set them in your bin on pickup day. Wasting less, made easy.


Hard-to-recycle and reusable items that can’t go curbside.

Save tons of stuff from the landfill with Ridwell like plastic film, multi-layer plastic, clothes and shoes, Styrofoam and so much more. Feel great about where it goes!

Feel good about where your stuff goes

Ridwell memberships start at just $12 per month!

Wasting less gets people really excited!

"Amazing work"

Well, you all could really suck at what you do and I would probably still be referring people to you! What you are doing is just that important. But you don’t suck. You’re doing amazing work. Thank you for what you’re doing to make my daughter’s future better.


"Ridwell rocks"

Well, I just love the service and the impact we are making in our community, as well as, on a grander scale for our planet! Ridwell rocks!!