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Join over 80,500 people across the country in wasting less. We make it easy to make sure your stuff stays out of the landfill.

Join 23,551 of your neighbors in Portland!

How it works

We pick up hard-to-recycle items every two weeks from your porch.

Collect items throughout the week, opt-in to pickup on your dashboard, and set them in your bin on pickup day. Wasting less, made easy.

What we take

We make sure your stuff stays out of the landfill.

From Amazon envelopes to old t-shirts... we take plastic film, threads, batteries*, and lightbulbs plus a featured category every pickup.

* Availability of batteries varies by neighborhood

Now offering

Clamshell container recycling!

Now, Ridwell members in Portland can save clear plastic clamshell containers from the landfill.

Feel good about where your stuff goes

Ridwell memberships start at just $12 per month!

Wasting less gets people really excited!

"Makes it easy"

Keeping household waste out of our landfill requires knowledge, time, and effort. Ridwell's collection services make it easy to recycle and pass along items we no longer need. Welcome to Portland!

Lisa T.

"Recycled properly"

I can't wait for Ridwell to come to Portland so my dead batteries can be recycled properly. I'm also excited to declutter my house, knowing that items will go to nonprofits in the area.

Amy C.