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Ridwell makes it easy to recycle, reuse and donate the items you no longer need. You collect; we pick it up. Then, we work with local partners to put all that stuff to good use.

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We need 7,500 neighbors to show us they are interested by sharing their email! When we reach that goal, we’ll bring full service to Los Angeles.

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We believe small actions still matter

Our Story

Ridwell was started by a dad and his son on a mission to dispose of stuff responsibly. (Turns out, that's no small feat!)

Today, we're a community-based service that helps people waste less by collecting items they no longer need.

Ridwell Founder Ryan and his son Owen standing with a pile of bags to recycle

How it works

Our members receive a Ridwell bin and clearly marked bags for collecting their used items. Bins and overflow bags are picked up bi-weekly.

What exactly do we take? Ridwell focuses on items not generally accepted curbside like plastic bags and film, batteries*, lightbulbs, and threads (like shoes and clothes).

There's also a featured category that rotates every two weeks. It might be eyeglasses one week and bike tires a few weeks later. And, yes, we'll let you know in advance!

* Availability varies by neighborhood

A Ridwell plastic film bag being placed into a Ridwell bin

Our Partners

To bring our service full circle, we work with local and regional partners to find an appropriate place to recycle, upcycle, or donate the items we collect.

Our friends at Alexandria House, Operation Blankets of Love, and Westside Food Bank are helping our vision become a reality. Know of an organization that would want to work with us? We'd love to meet them!

Kids doing art

We've saved
over 12 million pounds
from the landfill

Join our cause for a less wasteful future.

A ridwell warehouse employee sorting through recyclables
Bus driving through downtown Los Angeles

So... are you with us?

Sharing your email lets us know you're interested in our service and our mission to waste less.

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What happens to your stuff?

We believe in transparency of where your stuff goes. That’s why we publish our partners and data from each market we serve for everyone to see. You can see how much has been collected, where it goes, how much is successfully repurposed, and what the common contaminants are on our transparency page.

How much does it cost?

We’re hard at work solidifying pricing and partners in Los Angeles! Our pricing depends on the operational costs of each local jurisdiction. In the San Francisco Bay area, for example, monthly subscriptions range from $14-18 per month.

When will Ridwell be available in my area?

We come to new areas based on demand. We need a certain density in each neighborhood so we can prioritize building energy-efficient pickup routes. Our goal is to launch in LA neighborhoods starting in early 2023!

How can I help bring Ridwell to my neighborhood?

Sign up on our waitlist. Share with your friends, family and neighbors and encourage them to also join the waitlist. Nextdoor, Facebook groups, social media posts, and email newsletters are great tools to spread the word, or feel free to get creative with how to inspire your community to waste less.

You can also schedule a meeting with our fabulous local Community Launcher to learn more and get involved.