What is Ridwell?

We get rid of things the right way. We know the most sustainable, most environmentally-friendly, and most impactful ways to get rid of anything you can think of. All so you don't have to.

We keep the stuff that can't be recycled curbside out of the landfill and into someone's hands who can reuse or recycle it locally and sustainably.

Does this replace my garbage or my recycling?

Think synergy! We are complementary to your curbside recycling and garbage. We pick up where they leave off and save you a trip to Goodwill.

What categories do you pick up?

For now, we have four regular categories: batteries, light bulbs, thread, and plastic film.

Every pickup, we'll have a special item to help you delightfully declutter your home. We let you know that item at least a week ahead of time so you can plan.

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How do I know which category is being featured each time?

We will let you know the special category at least one week in advance. Also, you will soon have a pickup calendar that will show the next three categories so you can plan ahead!

How does Styrofoam work?

Members can add Styrofoam pickup to any regular pickup by purchasing a Ridwell Styrofoam bag for $9. The Styrofoam bag is 40 gallons!

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How much does this cost? How do different plans work?

We want great service to be accessible to everyone in our community! Our subscriptions start at $10 per month and may vary depending on where you live.

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How do I let you know I want a pickup?

We send you a notification a few days before your pickup asking if you'd like us to come by. If one of your bags is full or you have this week's special item, just opt-in!

You can also opt-in ahead of time on your pickup calendar!

Who does the pickup?

We work with local people in our community. To ensure your safety and security, we run background checks and maintain an extremely high standard for our team. Keep an eye out for orange Ridwell shirts around town!

If you are interested in joining our fleet, get in touch!

What if I need something back that you picked up?

We won't be able to return anything once it's been picked up. When you put something in your bin, make sure you're ready to part with it! But don't worry, it's headed to a good place.

How frequent are pickups?

Every two weeks! But we'll only stop at your house if you opt into your pickup. Opt in on your dashboard or via the reminder email sent three days before your pickup.

Do I have to be home for when you pickup?

Nope! That's the beauty of the bin. Just leave stuff that you want us to take in your bin and our drivers will come pick it up between 8am and 8pm on your pickup day.

What if my stuff doesn't fit in my bin for pickup?

On our regular pickups, we'll take your stuff that fits in the bin including your four core and rotating categories!

If you have more than fits in the bin and you want it all picked up, we can take extra bags as part of our Beyond the Bin service for $5 per bag! We'll take as much as you have!

Some of our pickups will include big and bulky items! In those cases, we'll let you know ahead of time if we'll take stuff beyond the bin.

If you'd like to schedule a Beyond the Bin pickup, please get in touch!

Who are your partners?

We work with local organizations, non-profits, and government agencies to give your items a new life. As much as we can, we will highlight specific partners, especially when your items are being reused.

And new partners pop-up all the time! If you are interested in becoming a partner, get in touch!

Can I get a tax donation receipt for any pickups that benefit charities?

Yes! For now, just get in touch to get a receipt. Soon, we will track and store all of that for you in your dashboard.

How can I refer a friend?

Thank you! If you are already a member, check your dashboard for your referral code. If you aren't yet, feel free to share our website.

Is Ridwell available where I live?

We are growing fast, but can't serve everyone yet! We are starting in just a few neighborhoods in Seattle. If you live out of our service area, please join your area's waitlist and we will let you know when we launch in your area.

The more people in your neighborhood on our list, the sooner we will launch so make sure to share Ridwell with others who care!

Is Ridwell available if I live in an apartment or condo?

Yes! We have several members in multi-unit buildings and can provide you with service as long as we can access your bin either inside the building or if you want to bring it outside on your pickup day!

If your whole building is interested in working with us, get in touch.

Can my business become a Ridwell customer?

We can't serve businesses just yet. But we are looking to expand in that direction. If your business is interested in experimenting and learning with us, please get in touch!